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18 Januari 2014

Some Concepts of Vocabulary

  1. Definition of vocabulary
Vocabulary is important thing that it must be mastered in learning a language because we need it in Writing, Speaking, Reading, and Listening.
Hornby (2005: 1707), vocabulary is all the words that a person know or use. Vocabulary can also meaning that the total number.
Betty schrarmper azar ( 1989 : 263 ),  state that  noun clause is used as a subject or object. In other words, a noun clause is used in the same ways as a noun.
The dictionary of education states that:
a.    Vocabulary is the words having meaning when heard or seen even though not produce by individual him self to communicate with others.
b.    Vocabulary is the constant  and function words of a language which are learned thoroughly so that they become a part of the child’s understanding, speaking, letter reading, and writing. 
Webster in nurpadillah (2007 : 6), states that vocabulary is:
a.    A list of words and sometimes phrase usually arranged in alphabetical other and defined as dictionary, glossary or lexicon.
b.    All the words of language.
c.    All the words used by a particular person, class, profession, etc.
d.    All The words recognized and understood by a particular person.
  1. Kinds of Vocabulary
Nurdin in Suparman (2008: 6), there are two kinds of vocabulary, they are active vocabulary and passive vocabulary. The active vocabulary is used in our daily conversation and in our writing while the passive is not used like the active vocabulary.
Nuttal in suparman ( 2008 : 6 ) indicated that active vocabulary include the words that e know well enough to use by ourselves. The passive vocabulary is the words meet them but can not be used.
a.    active vocabulary consist number of word. these we known well to use by ourselves.
b.    basic vocabulary consists of words and idiomatic expression necessary for minimal use.
c.    passive vocabulary consist of words the understood.
d.    vocabulary growth is development of vocabulary with age.
Schail in nurpadillah (2007 :9) state that everyone has three types of vocabulary namely :
a.    Active Vocabulary
It is a vocabulary that we know but use in speaking in frequently and may run from 5000 to 10.000 words.
b.    Reserve vocabulary it is a vocabulary that we know but use in speaking in   frequently end my run from 5000 to 10. 000 words.
c.    Passive vocabulary
Is in indistinctly we are not sure the meaning never used in speaking and writing we are merely known that we have seen the words before.
      3.   Principles of teaching and learning vocabulary
                  Wallace in rahmawati (1989:31) indicated the main principles of teaching and learning vocabulary as following:
a.    Aims
                        The aims teaching vocabulary must be clear enough so that the difficult in learning can be avoided.
                  b.   Quantity
                                 The quantity of vocabulary that will be taught to our student must be decided because to many words given to help them, they will be confused, discourage and frustrate.
               c.               Need
                                 Guide your student to communicate with the words they need.
               d.   Meaning presentation
                                 In presenting vocabulary, the teacher has to give clear explanation to the students and show how to use the words in the real situation by putting the words in the context.
               e.   Situation
                           In teaching English vocabulary, the teacher must realize the student’ situations in the class atmosphere of the whether or not the student are ready to accept the learning.

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